Reach, meet Intent.

Bridging the void between audience reach and customer intent for brands and advertisers.


Programmatic Branding . Audience Reach & Re-Targeting . Connected TV Ads . DOOH

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Our Philosophy

ADIVOK, as an agency provide ad solutions such as programmatic reach for brands to meet their marketing objectives in online brand awareness or audience reach. We specialize in programmatic display/video, Connected TV and DOOH campaigns, enhanced with remarketing methods.

Our core competency lies in digital branding solutions and customer intent creation .

We believe in measurable results. Hence we design and execute digital strategies which are easily quantifiable, and are geared towards maximizing reach and ROAS for the assigned budget.With multiple mediums and platforms in digital arena, we choose a combination of the ones best suited to meet the marketing objectives and bring in quality audience.


What we can do for your Brand


Turn People-on-the-go into Customers

Ads displayed in public areas, using digital screens. we help reach target audience for Brands/Advertisers on relevant outdoor ad placements, and optimize towards the campaign objectives based on campaign details, targeting, scheduling and objectives

Programmatic Branding & Audience Reach Solutions.

Be seen where your audience are, online.

With the right combination of

online ad inventory and  attuned audience targeting. We help create interest and intent for brands. Re-targeting with relevancy for better user experience and brand journey.

Reach specific audiences in digital space attuned to your brand, products or services. Find out how we can corridor your brand reach with customer intent.


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Get in touch to learn more about how we can drive your brand awareness & audience reach. As a tactical digital marketing partner, we can help your brand to grow and be relevant.

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